Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good stress vs Bad stress

Our little community paper has recently experienced an unusual amount of change. Change can be good, right? It can mean "new and improved", or fresh and exciting, like an adventure. Usually I find that change means all of that in a variety of combinations, coming at me like waves. I either paddle like crazy through the breakers or I get pulled down in the undertoe.

Well the ride was wild, but for now, things have calmed down, and the staff is finding some breathing room.

It was sad to say good-bye to John Saiz. His unique view of the world was appreciated by those of us who knew him on a personal level.

Soon, there will be someone new, with their view of the world and our town. Another reporter who will call Patterson "home". This person will arrive in time (hopefully) to cover the county fair, the new school year and our city's Centennial celebration. Through those assignments, our new reporter will see the best we have to offer. Our spirit of community.