Saturday, April 11, 2009

It really does flow downhill!!

It's one of those sayings I've heard for years......but until today, I had never seen it demonstrated.

The PI potty rooms came to a rather messy standstill on Thursday afternoon. Thanks to our good neighbors around the block, we all were able to continue our routine with occasional visits to our neighboring restrooms.

But we can't depend on them for ever, so I spent the better part of Saturday here, watching and learning about the city's sewer system and the underground world that harbors all the secrets that go down our drains. My kids will tell you, this stuff fascinates me. Here's what I learned:

The PI's drainage seems to be lower than the city's pipes. I'm no engineer, but even I can understand that water and whatever that water carries, needs gravity to flow out and away.

Without volume and velocity, the liquid tends to flow too slowly to fully flush (pardon the pun) the sewage into the main line where it will be carried to it's final destination, the water treatment plant.

So that's when I realized "OH, so that's what they mean when they say '&@it flows downhill'". It's not just about hierarchy, it's a fact of nature.

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