Thursday, August 28, 2008


Check out these very cool ladies. This photo has been lovingly restored by Jenifer West, the President of the Patterson Centennial Committee. It shows us two usherettes posed in front of the Del Puerto Theater.

Why is it that people in old photos seem so elegant and regal? Ever noticed that? Pictures of my dad in his WWII uniform, and my mom with her hair all coiffed and her petite figure in some amazing 40's was just a different time, I guess.

When I was a child and well into my early years as a mother, the Del Puerto Theater was such a cool place. Every Christmas season, Mrs. Fink would have Santa come by after the movie and hand out candy to all the children. What a thrill that was!

I remember watching just about every classic Disney film in that theater. Then in later years, I enjoyed getting scarred by the likes of Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. I even recall my first kiss in the balcony of that theater.

I have no idea who these ladies are, but if anyone knows (Claude-a little help here) please comment here and share the knowledge.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who knew?

When the idea of a blog was first mentioned to me, I honestly doubted that I had anything worthy of sharing. But during subsequent conversations with staff at the Irrigator, as I was spouting off about something or other, they would tell me, "That's a blog, right there."

So, if having ideas and opinions on this adventure we call life qualifies me to blog, then who am I to question technology and the Y-generation?

Having lived in Patterson from the day of my birth at Del Puerto Hospital, I have seen a few(ahem) changes in this, my hometown. My husband and I have enjoyed raising our three kids in this town. We've benefited as parents by being surrounded with a caring network of health care providers, teachers, neighbors and friends.

So it's from that perspective that I will attempt to share some insights on the pulse of this great little city.