Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Over-zealous Hunters

Another Fiesta Treasure Hunt is over. It's always bitter sweet. Bitter for those of us who love the hunt. Knowing we have to wait an entire year, for our chance to find the elusive treasure. Sweet for the lucky and skillful folks who perserved, did the research and lost sleep in pursuit of the prize.

For the staff at the Irrigator, it may be sweet to not have to answer multiple phone calls everyday from people wondering, "has the treasure been found?"

Every year we warn hunters against defacing or disturbing property. And every year we hear stories of some infractions, generally small and well tolerated by the property owners.

This year may be the exception. This year, I'm very sorry to hear, some of our hunters went overboard in their quest for the treasure.

It has come to my attention that there has been some damage to mail boxes, sign posts and maybe some areas we haven't been told about.

Please, people. We want to continue this family fun tradition. But we won't be able to if the property owners in town feel violated for four weeks out of the year.

We're going to give it some thought. We hope you do too.

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